"Jason Resch" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  wrote

> Max Tegmark had a paper recently ... I could not find the paper ...

Could possibly be arXiv:0704.0646v2

But the use of his CUH in advance of a detailed consideration of what
people (but not necessarily computers) think, tends to be putting the
cart before the horse if we want to answer questions conerning people or
sentient observers of any kind, possible even tardigrades which survive
and live (probably in hybernation) in a space vacuum. But CUH has the
merit of being a possible "incomplete model" which, as tends to be the
case for incomplete models, may leave unanswered or incompletely
answered, important questions such as yours. The MBI suggests that there
may never be any simply quick fix to that problem. Partial fixes, like a
changed mathematical structure, may degrade existing satisfactory
features of the model for this aspect of the work but probably that
cannot be helped.


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