On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 10:53 AM, Colin Hales
> Invent an inorganic 'us'? A faulty, defunct evolutionary mistake? Nah!

But that's my point; we aren't a "mistake" we are merely an invention
of our previous selves.

> ... do you remember one of the Alien series of movies...? I've forgotten
> which one... maybe the third? Ripley's group had a robot in it - played by
> Winona Ryder. She/Ver/It was a survivor of a 'product recall'... of a new
> generation of robots that turned out a failure because they 'out human'ed
> humans... in the sense that they unconditionally cared, were intrinsically
> and consistently moral and altruistic with more respect for life than us; so
> much so that they refused to work on things they thought unsuitable or
> innappropriate. They were declared useless!

What I'm suggesting is that as much as we think there are faults with
our current "implementation" (memory not working correctly;
requirement to be fed, violent components, so on) I think we may
realise that our own model is the most appropriate model *for* an
on-going self-sustainable AI. But this will only be realised later;
once we try and make the "perfect" model, that has no violence, and so
on. It may be observed that this model (as you point out) isn't
appropriate; it leaves the environment too populated.

> AGI can be like us only much much 'better'.
> Such is the likely outcome of real AGI. Forget all the 'terminator'. This is
> just pathetic fearmongering... This is why at the moment I am concentrating
> merely on artificial fauna. Creatures living but inorganic, able to take
> their place, maybe flocking, in an ecosystem with a specific role... "eat
> only that weed", "kill only that crop pest", "collect energy and put it
> ..there'", "plant and nurture 'these' trees or 'that' crop" , 'dig
> for/filter water'..... and so on....at least until the military get their
> stupid bollock-brained hands on it and screw it all up...that is what I want
> it to be.

This sounds like an interesting project; any links/info?

> But building replica 'us'? I think we'd become the 'old model' pretty fast.
> And maybe we deserve it... our foibles, unchecked on earth, traced to merely
> tribalism, stupidity, ignorance and greed....will kill us all. Maybe if we
> create our own upgrade..and then die out ... the universe might be a better
> place....the Earth could certainly use a break. The AGI would be able to
> clean Earth up and then leave... they'll be much better at space travel than
> us. Humans may or may not ever reach the stars... but our AGI descendents
> will. Which is just as well...somebody out there has to remember us and all
> the shit we did to ourselves in the evolutionary mosh-pit.
> Colin Hales

noon silky

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