Brian Tenneson skrev:
> Now on to the subject of time.
> If Tegmark is correct and an ultimate structure literally is all of 
> physical reality, what strikes me is that this ultimate structure 
> appears quite static. What then is the source of our perceptions of 
> transition, ie, time? This ultimate structure I presume (safely, I 
> believe) is constant yet we perceive things to change. Why and how? IOW, 
> what is the mechanism that converts the static ultimate structure into a 
> fluid appearance of transition? These questions are still valid even if 
> the ultimate structure I have in mind is wrong; Tegmark still 
> hypothesizes that some math structure is all of physical reality.

If you look at our universe as a 4-dimensional space-time structure, 
then that structure will be completely static.  It is nothing peculiar 
with that.  The time is just a direction in that static structure.

Torgny Tholerus

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