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Brent Meeker

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I was browsing around arxiv and came across the following paper by
Alastair Rae:

"During the last ten years or so, derivations of the Born rule based on
decision theory have been proposed and developed, and it is claimed that
these are valid in the context of the Everett interpretation. This claim
is critically assessed and it is shown that one of its key assumptions,
although natural in the context of the Copenhagen interpretation, is not
consistent with that of Everett. It is further argued that any
interpretation that relates outcome likelihood to the expansion
coefficients connecting the wavefunction with the eigenfunctions of the
measurement operator must be inconsistent with the Everett

I think he makes some good points. I have always felt that the attempts
by Deutsch and Wallace to get the Born rule out of Everett and game
theory was akin to lifting oneself out of the soup by one's bootlaces.


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