Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Let us go back to the point. The point of MGA is to show that MEC + 
> MAT implies a contradiction. You can see that it is equivalent with
> - the proposition saying that MEC implies NON MAT  (mechanism refutes 
> materialism).
> - the proposition saying that MAT implies NON MECH (materialism 
> refutes mechanism)
> Now, MECH implies " NON MAT" can be made constructive. This means MECH 
> provides the complete constraints of how a physical laws looks like 
> and come from, meaning physics is a branch of computationalist theory 
> of mind (itself a branch of number theory, in a slightest more general 
> sense of "number").
> Now, imagine that luckily we arrive at a proof that the "arithmetical" 
> electron weights two kg. Then we will know that mechanism is false.

*But only in /our/ universe, right. In some other universe couldn't 
electrons actually weigh 2kg?*
> >

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