Michael Rosefield wrote:
> I don't know about anyone else, but with the volume of mail we're 
> getting lately, I've been skimming things and have started to lose the 
> plot completely.
> So, perhaps it's time for a fresh start. My idea of where we are is this:
> Physical causality is just a 'linkage' between states - it's nothing 
> more than a rule for going from one place to another (be it a discrete 
> jump or a continuous trajectory), and taking a block view of time it can 
> be represented not as a distinction between states and links but just as 
> states. 

But that's what creates the antinomy when you suppose the sequence of states is 
created by a random number generator or replaying a recording.  If there's 
nothing to causal linkage except order of states then there's no distinction 
between the randomly generated sequence and the causal sequence except the 
former is extremely improbable.


>Hence any phenomena relying on a causal process is also 
> encapsulated by a static snapshot. Thence, consciousness is not created 
> by the universe, but merely implies/creates its own universe/causal 
> context around it.
> Damn, I try and make something make more sense and end up typing 
> confusing babble like that!
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