I guess I haven't read those papers, so sorry if I was leading you up
the garden path re GTMs.

It sounds interesting that the universal prior could work for
generalisation of the Turing machine, although I'm not sure what the
implications would be. Anyway, it sounds like you've got a research
programme :)


On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 06:12:49PM -0500, Abram Demski wrote:
> Russel,
> The paper does indeed showcase one example of a universal prior that
> includes non-computable universes... Theorem 4.1. So it's *possible*.
> Of course it then proceeds to dash hopes for a universal prior over a
> broader domain, defined by GTMs. So, it would be interesting to know
> more about the conditions that make universality possible.
> --Abram

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