Hello Bruno,

I must admit you have completely lost me with MGA 3.

With MGA 1 and 2, I would say that, with MEC+MAT, also the the 
projection of the movie (and Lucky Alice in 1) are conscious - because 
it supervenes on the physical activity.

MEC says: it's the computation that counts, not the substrate.

MAT says: we need some substrate to perform a computation. In MGA 1 and 
2 we have substrates (neurons or optical boolean graph that performs the 

Now in MGA 3 you say:

> Now, consider the projection of the movie of the activity of Alice's 
> brain, "the movie graph".
> Is it necessary that someone look at that movie? Certainly not. 


> Is it necessary to have a screen? Well, the range of activity here is 
> just one dynamical description of one computation. Suppose we make a 
> hole in the screen. What goes in and out of that hole is exactly the 
> same, with the hole and without the hole. For that unique activity, the 
> hole in the screen is functionally equivalent to the subgraph which the 
> hole removed. 

We can remove those optical boolean nodes which are not relevant for the 
  caterpillar dream

 >Clearly we can make a hole as large as the screen, so no
> need for a screen.

but no! Then we wouldn't have a substrate anymore. You are dropping MAT 
at this step, not leading MEC+MAT to a contradiction.

> But this reasoning goes through if we make the hole in the film itself. 
> Reconsider the image on the screen: with a hole in the film itself, you 
> get a "hole" in the movie, but everything which enters and go out of the 
> hole remains the same, for that (unique) range of activity.  The "hole" 
> has trivially the same functionality than the subgraph functionality 
> whose special behavior was described by the film. And this is true for 
> any subparts, so we can remove the entire film itself.

We can talk about this part after I understand why you can drop our 
optical boolean network *grin*


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