I have reread MGA 2 and would like to add the following:

We have the

optical boolean graph: OBG -> this computes alice's dream.
we make a movie of this computation.

Now we run again, but in OBG some nodes do not make the computation 
correctly, BUT the movie _triggers_ the nodes, so in the end, the 
"computation" is performed.

So, with MEC+MAT and ALL NODES broken, I say this:

a) If the OBG nodes MALFUNCTION, but their function is subsituted with 
the movie (on/off), it is conscious.

b) If the OBG is broken that in a way that all nodes are not active 
anymore (no on/off, no signal passing), then no consciousness.

I think we can split the intuitions along these lines: if you assume 
that consciousness depends on activity along the vertices, then Alice is 
conscious neither in a nor in b, and then indeed I see why already MGA 2 
leads to a problem with MEC+MAT.

But if I think that consciousness supervenes only on the correct 
lighting up of the nodes (not the vertices!! -> I don't need causality 
then, only the correct order), than a) would be conscious, b) not, and 
MGA 3 does not work I you take away my OBG (with the node intuition)!


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