On Tue, Dec 02, 2008 at 10:16:27AM +1100, Kim Jones wrote:
> Genial. Faites-entrer les gosses!!!!!!!!
> Kim

Speaking of which, my son who is now 10, but was 8 when I wrote my
book really got into it. I think he enjoyed the hitchhiker's reference
a lot, but also got into the multiple universes and the concept of
quantum immortality. But then he's also into Dr Who. Interesting -
maths is not his passion, although he does alright at it (I explained
the proof of Pythagorus's theorem to him a couple of years ago and he
really got it, and he also got the point about sqrt 2 not being
rational. Surpisingly, the irrationality of root 2 was discussed in
one of the sci fi books he was reading at the time) - he is more your
sort Kim. He's into ballet, just took part in the School Spectacular
last week.

Maybe I'll ask him for a translation for the rest of us :) He's not a
bad writer by the way - he's done a couple of short story pieces,
mostly fantasy genre.



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