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> and that by virtue of this imposed order, defines relations between
> particles.  Computation depends on relations, be it electrons in silicon,
> Chinese with radios or a system of beer cans and ping-pong balls;
> Here you are talking about instantiations of computations relatively to our
> most probable computations, which have a physical "look". But strictly
> speaking computations are only relation between numbers.

Thanks for your reply, I am curious what exactly you mean by the most
probable computations going through our state if these computations cannot
be part of a larger (shared universe) computation.  Where does the data
provided to the senses come from if not from a computation which also
includes that of the environment as well?  Also, why does the computation
have to be between numbers specifically, could a program in the deployment
that calculates the evolution of a universe perform the necessary
computations to generate an observer?  If they can, then it stands other
mathematical objects besides pure turing machines and besides the UD could
implement computations capable of generating observers.  I noticed in a
previous post of yours you mentioned 'Kleene predicates' as a way of
deriving computations from true statements, do you know of any good sources
where I could learn more about Kleene predicates?



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