John, Brent,

John said:
 > EPR is a thought-experiment, constructed (designed) to make a point. 
 >How can one use such artifact as 'evidence' that "shows..."?

Aspect Et Al tested it ages ago, see for instance here:

Brent said:
 > But the EPR experiments show that this can
 >only hold if the influence of  "the rest of the world" is non-local
 >(i.e. faster than light) and hence inconsistent with relativity.

QM lives well with special relativity (the physics community speaks of 
"peaceful coexistence") due to the fact that non-local effects can not 
be used for signalling.

QM and Relativity only clash at the level of General Relativity 
(gravity)- at Black Holes and other Singularities (Big Bang).


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