On 10 Jan 2009, at 02:26, Kim Jones wrote:

> On 10/01/2009, at 5:17 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
>> I admire too. Kim is courageous.
>> Well, for the tenacity we will see :)
> Gee thanks Doctor! I'll try not disappoint you. At the moment I am
> devoting an egregious amount of time to searching for employment as my
> ability to sit and cogitate on Correct Machine Theology will be
> severely curtailed if I don't find a job soon.

Life is not easy. Wish you the best.

> In the meantime, is there any chance of a bus slogan campaign: "There
> Probably Is a Universal Dovetailer Computing All of Reality.

Too much technical and ambiguous imo. The danger with comp is that a  
slight misunderstanding of it can transform it into a reductionism or  
even a nihilism.

> Now, All
> Of You Theologians, Start Worrying and Start Studying Quantum Physics,
> Computationalism and Modal Logic."

Modal logic is generally considered as an invention of theologian. It  
has been a practical tool for religious metaphysics among Middle-Age  
theologians, especially in Middle East.
You could as well have said "Scientists, Start Worrying to have to  
ReStart the Study of Plato's Theology".
But I am not sure we should start worry people with a subject which  
can so easily give too much metaphysical vertigo.

Take it easy,



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