> The question is often asked, why does time seem to progress in the
> increasing entropy direction? But if time were in fact progressing in
> the decreasing entropy direction, we would know no different. For
> example, if we were living in a simulation where 2009 is run first and
> 2008 is run second

The key here is that neiter our universe is simulated nor time has
meaning outside our psichology. There are simulaton, but this
simulation is carried out  by us, the living beings. We are the ones
that simulate in advance the events along a direction fo the manifold
in order to advance actions for the next point in this coordinate.
Why? because we need to planify furter actions in order to grow and
reproduce in succesive progression in this direction. This progression
along this direction is what we perceive as time.

Because living beings are the ones that must simulate in advance what
comes next, at the chemical, instinctive, rational level, this
iimposes very serious computational restrictions to the direction of
time. Simply, the reverse simulation , along the enthropy increase
demands infinite or near infinite resources computational resources.
It is also possible simulate in any lateral direction, any direction
in the manifold, but I hipotesize that they are also very heavy to
calculate. Thinking in terms of Natural Selection: The living beings
that tried to progress along other directions are extinct, They needed
too much computational resources!!!. Or even never appeared in the
first place!.

For this reason, the perception of time, enthrophy and probability,
and the initial conditions of the universe are a byproduct of this
restriction of computability in living beiings.

 living beings are like fractals that grow, reproduce and die along
the temporal coordinate. There are two ways to express a trajectory ,
and here I use the Max Tegmark coined frog/bird view; The frog view is
time dependent and uses the input of the previus step, wich is the
view of computers, living beings and us, and the other is the bird
view that contemplates the manifold or part of a manifold  . The first
type of beings strugle for anticipating the next step,. The second see
the enlarged mandelbrot figure of all our life, and this figure is
part of the manifold described maybe by a single formula The M formula
or whatever may be the grand unification theory.

This is not so difficult to understand: This is the difference between
the expression of a integral in mathematical terms versus the step
that a computer must perform along the integrration coordinate to
calculate its numerical value.

>according to an external clock, we would not be
> able to tell from within the simulation. The real arrow of time
> question should be: why does entropy increase in the same direction in
> every observed part of the universe? For only if the glass shattering
> occurred in a direction different to that of the mind of the observer
> would something unusual be noticed.
> --
> Stathis Papaioannou
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