On 29 Jan 2009, at 16:29, Günther Greindl wrote:

> Hi Quentin,
>> So when do the AI becomes a zombie when I run it relatively to me ?
>> after how much stub subpart (I'm talking about function in a program,
>> not about a physical computer on which the said program is run) have
>> been replaced ?
>> Will answer more later.
> Ok, have you looked at the Tononi paper? I think that can give a
> quantitative measure as to when systems are conscious relatively to us

I can agree with this.

> (Tononi also assumes substrate independence;


> and that consciousness
> comes in degrees

I can be OK with that.

> and is not an on/off property).

I disagree with Tononi here. I think consciousness is of the type on/ 
off (but with different types or degrees of attention, concentration,  
amnesy, etc.). Actually I think consciousness is of the type on. It  
can't be "of", I think. We can be unconscious but actually never are.
I may be wrong on this, or assert a proper theological statement,  
meaning I HAVE to say: "assuming comp and assuming we are correct  
löbian machines".




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