On 05 Feb 2009, at 01:56, Brent Meeker wrote:

> Kim Jones wrote:
>> The Templeton Foundation gives sizeable grants to projects for
>> reconciling science and religion, and awards a yearly prize of two
>> million dollars to a philosopher or scientist whose work highlights
>> the "spiritual dimension of scientific progress."
>> Go for it, Bruno! If Paul Davies can do it with a rather mediocre  
>> tome
>> like "The Mind of God" - you will surely impress them with your
>> machine theology - none of which they will understand, so it will
>> surely command respect.
>> Not a cynical suggestion; if the Templeton Foundation is anything
>> beyond a perverse attempt to reward scientists who are prepared to  
>> say
>> something nice about religion, then your setting this whole science/
>> religion (physical sciences/human sciences; whatever) house in order
>> will surely be worth the two million. And then you would be obliged  
>> to
>> write a book about it all that will show the materialist/atheists a
>> thing or two!
>> Hands up if you think Bruno should apply for a Templeton grant!!!  
>> With
>> two million in his bank balance, he might even come out to Australia
>> to visit me and Russell!!!
> Sure.  Go for it, Bruno!

Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate the suggestion.
Thanks to Kim for that suggestion, and for beginning the translation,  
it seems very good. Unfortunately I am a bit busy. I hope I will have  
more time tomorrow, but in any case I will have time Sunday, and much  
more time next week for more precise comments, and for telling you two  
or three things about  zero, and perhaps even one :)

Have a good day,


>> What happened to Step 7, Doctor?
>> warmest regards
>> Kim
>> Another annoying feature of the term "metaphysics" is that it has  
>> made
>> it quasi-impossible for physicians to do metaphysics, since "meta"
>> here has a sense corresponding to "meta" in metamathematics (the old
>> name for Recursion Theory). Now, most physicians would argue (at  
>> least
>> before the rise of the quantum) that such a "meta-physics" is simply
>> physics. Which means: physicians, together with their laboratories  
>> and
>> their libraries simply obey.... the laws of physics. OK, but when you
>> say the same thing of quantum mechanics, you are now heading toward
>> Everett and the Many-Worlds interpretation. Everett was the first
>> serious "meta-physician" in that sense. Well, Galileo and Einstein
> And your namesake, Giordano Bruno.
> Brent
>> (among others) also helped to prepare the terrain for this
>> 'desanthropomorphisation' process. Embedding the subject into the
>> object of study. Embedding the spectator in the spectacles, as the
>> Hindu says. - Bruno Marchal
>> http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/~marchal/
> >


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