Not too much here that would raise hackles on the everything-list,  
but (IMHO) for the first sentence--

> Perhaps it's time I had another go at explaining all that weird  
> stuff I believe in and why.

The word "believe" can mean many things but in my parlance it means  
to attach a very high confidence to a proposition. I believe that  
eating satiates my hunger, that the Pacific Ocean lies a few miles to  
my west, that if I sit in a chair I will not fall through it to the  
ground, etc. I also from time to time *entertain* notions similar to  
the ones you've written about, and admit the possibility of some, but  
I don't believe any of it with anything like the confidence with  
which I believe that water will freeze at -10°C. I suspect the same  
is true for you too. Or is it really the case that in the few years  
since you've read those stories you have really thought things  
through to the point where you believe it?

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