I did think about what word to use there - and while I don't _believe_ believe
it, I would be _very_ surprised to be proved wrong :D . And besides, any
other word seems like a bit of a fudge.
- Did you ever hear of "The Seattle Seven"?
- Mmm.
- That was me... and six other guys.

2009/2/10 Pete Carlton <pmcarl...@mac.com>

> Not too much here that would raise hackles on the everything-list,
> but (IMHO) for the first sentence--
> > Perhaps it's time I had another go at explaining all that weird
> > stuff I believe in and why.
> The word "believe" can mean many things but in my parlance it means
> to attach a very high confidence to a proposition. I believe that
> eating satiates my hunger, that the Pacific Ocean lies a few miles to
> my west, that if I sit in a chair I will not fall through it to the
> ground, etc. I also from time to time *entertain* notions similar to
> the ones you've written about, and admit the possibility of some, but
> I don't believe any of it with anything like the confidence with
> which I believe that water will freeze at -10°C. I suspect the same
> is true for you too. Or is it really the case that in the few years
> since you've read those stories you have really thought things
> through to the point where you believe it?
> -Pete
> >

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