Hi George.  The everything list feels just like old times, no?  Which is nice 
in a way but has a big drawback - I can only take so much of arguing the same 
old things, and being outnumbered.  And that limit is approaching fast again.  
At least I think your point here is new to the list.

--- On Wed, 2/11/09, George Levy <gl...@quantics.net> wrote:
> One could argue that measure actually increases continuously and corresponds 
> to the increase in entropy occurring in everyday life. So even if you are 90 
> or 100 years old you could still experience an increase in measure.

I guess you are basing that on some kind of branch-counting idea.

If that were the case, the Born Rule would fail.  Perhaps the probability rule 
would be more like proportionality to norm^2 exp(entropy) instead of just 
norm^2.  If that was it, then for example unstable nuclei would be observed to 
decay a lot faster than the Born Rule predicts.

Conventional half life calculations are accurate.  So either entropy would not 
be a factor, or the MWI is experimentally disproven already.  Well, if it is a 
weak enough function of entropy then maybe it hasn't been disproven, but 
inclusion of free parameters like that which can always be made small enough 
goes against Occam's Razor.  Otherwise there'd be no end of possible correction 

At least your idea was testable, with none of the meaningless "first person" 
sloganeering.  Ideas like that, keep em' coming!

> In any case, measure is measured over a continuum and its value is infinite 
> to begin with. So whether it increases or decreases may be a moot point.

It's not moot.  Just take density ratios.  The size of the universe may be 
infinite, but that didn't stop Hubble from saying it's getting bigger.

> As I said, the increase or decrease in measure is at the crux of this 
> problem.  Your paper really did not illuminate the issue in a satisfactory 
> manner.

It could no doubt use some tweaking, which is why I'm on the list now.  I know 
I'm not always a good communicator.  What should be clarified or added to it?


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