Jack Mallah wrote:
> Hi George.  The everything list feels just like old times, no?  Which is nice 
> in a way but has a big drawback - I can only take so much of arguing the same 
> old things, and being outnumbered.  And that limit is approaching fast again. 
>  At least I think your point here is new to the list.
I have also been overwhelmed by the volume on this list. The idea is not 
to take more than you can chew.
> --- On Wed, 2/11/09, George Levy <gl...@quantics.net> wrote:
>> One could argue that measure actually increases continuously and corresponds 
>> to the increase in entropy occurring in everyday life. So even if you are 90 
>> or 100 years old you could still experience an increase in measure.
> I guess you are basing that on some kind of branch-counting idea.
> If that were the case, the Born Rule would fail.  Perhaps the probability 
> rule would be more like proportionality to norm^2 exp(entropy) instead of 
> just norm^2.  If that was it, then for example unstable nuclei would be 
> observed to decay a lot faster than the Born Rule predicts.

Yes I am linking the entropy to MW branching. So if you start with a low 
entropy state such as the Big Bang or having $1 million after a QS your 
entropy is going to increase. (There are many ways I could spend that 
million). The number of possible states you can reach increases, hence 
your entropy increases.

You say that the Born Rule would fail if measure *increases*. Here is a 
Using your own argument I could say that the Born rule would fail if 
measure *decreases *according to function f(t). For example it could be 
norm^2 f(t) . So using your own argument since the Born rule is only  
norm^2 therefore measure stays constant?
I do not understand why you say that the Born rule would fail.

Linking entropy with measure may bring some interesting insights. Let's 
see how far we can go with this.

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