2009/2/12 Johnathan Corgan <jcor...@aeinet.com>:

> It is an open question (to me at least) whether there are any observer
> moments without successors, i.e., where the amplitude of the SW goes to
> zero.  If it does not, then this implies that the always branching tree
> of observer moments has no leaf nodes--rather, it becomes an ever finer
> filigree of lines, but any particular point will always have a
> downstream set of forks.  This is the essence of the no cul-de-sac
> conjecture, and the crux of the quantum theory of immortality.

Does MWI suggest that everything that can occur does occur? The
following article suggests not:


I guess it is still possible that the no cul-de-sac conjecture is
correct even though some ways of avoiding death are impossible.

Stathis Papaioannou

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