Hi Günther,

Le 22-févr.-09, à 23:16, Günther Greindl a écrit :

> will incorporate your changes as soon as time permits :-)

Take all your time. I am myself rather busy. But thanks for telling me. 
Actually I take this AUDA page as an opportunity for thinking about the 
best books on Gödel's incompleteness theorems. I could send a list of 
books with short comments, perhaps in April. All good books on 
incompleteness and "provability logic" can be helpful on the AUDA, 
given that the AUDA is entirely build on incompleteness.
Right now I think about the book "inexhaustibility" by Torkel Franzen, 
which is very good, at least for the mathematically inclined reader.  
We have already talk about Franzen's little book on the abuse of 
Gödel's theorems. Quite useful too, especially for non-logicians.



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