What you have here is a phenomenon which has been described a lot for 50 
years. It appears in the literature in the descriptions of the 
synchronous behaviour of crickets, cicadas and fireflies.

D. E. Kim, "A spiking neuron model for synchronous flashing of 
fireflies," Biosystems, vol. 76, pp. 7-20, 2004.

V. Nityananda and R. Balakrishnan, "Synchrony during acoustic 
interactions in the bushcricket Mecopoda 'Chirper' (Tettigoniidae : 
Orthoptera) is generated by a combination of chirp-by-chirp resetting 
and change in intrinsic chirp rate," Journal of Comparative Physiology 
a-Neuroethology Sensory Neural and Behavioral Physiology, vol. 193, pp. 
51-65, Jan 2007.

I. Stewart, "The synchronicity of firefly flashing," Scientific 
American, vol. 280, pp. 104-106, Mar 1999.

S. H. Strogatz and I. Stewart, "Coupled oscillators and biological 
synchronization," Scientific American, vol. 269, p. 102, 12 1993.

and there is a classic book

A. T. Winfree, The geometry of biological time. New York: Springer 
Verlag, 1980.

Such ideas are currently being used (mathematics thereof) by two people 
10 feet from me, who are working on epilepsy prediction and detection.

What you have realised, however, is the fact that neural networks (which 
is exactly what the garden lights behaviour capture, albeit primitively) 
/are identical to a form of (multidimensional/dynamic) cellular automaton/.

What you have demonstrated is precisely what I am doing to create an 
AGI. The killer question: When might it be 'like something' to 'BE' a 
collection of such objects behaving dynamically? (or "what might it be 
like to be an entity inside a cellular automaton?")

Nice one!


> Hello!
> I invite to check my idea of a *home made complex self-organizing system:*
> ** 
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTEWUTl_OcI
> Greetings!!
> >

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