Hi Ronald,

    Thank you for recommending this paper. While I recognize many of the 
ideas in it, it bothers me that there is no explicit attempt to explain the 
"beliefs" (other that vague references to other papers/books). As I 
understand the paper, Mikovi´c is propossing a type of psycho-physical 
parallelism of a vast kind.
    Instead of a single branging tree representing the MWI splitting and 
attempting to map this into the Platonic Realm of Mathematics, we seem to be 
told of a pair of trees that somehow match at every occasion of perseption 
but only one of the trees is mapped into Platonia. The Psy tree does not 
have a substructure supporting it. Is this more like a Tree and its Shadow? 
The former has roots that tie it to a substrate that connects to Platonia, 
but the Shadow tree is ephemeral and transient. Of course this implies that 
Free Will is a complete delusion!
    I do appresiate Mikovi´c's attempt and the work in writting his paper. I 
just wish that he would explain himself more.



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I thought I would add the paper:Temporal Platonic

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