Well if you have problem with word definition, use google then


2009/6/10 Torgny Tholerus <tor...@dsv.su.se>:
> Jesse Mazer skrev:
>> > Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 18:38:23 +0200
>> > From: tor...@dsv.su.se
>> > To: everything-list@googlegroups.com
>> > Subject: Re: The seven step-Mathematical preliminaries
>> >
>> > For you to be able to use the word "all", you must define the "domain"
>> > of that word. If you do not define the domain, then it will be
>> > impossible for me and all other humans to understand what you are
>> > talking about.
>> OK, so how do you say I should define this type of "universe"? Unless
>> you are demanding that I actually give you a list which spells out
>> every symbol-string that qualifies as a member, can't I simply provide
>> an abstract *rule* that would allow someone to determine in principle
>> if a particular symbol-string they are given qualifies? Or do you have
>> a third alternative besides spelling out every member or giving an
>> abstract rule?
> You have to spell out every member.  Because in a *rule* you are
> (implicitely) using this type of "universe", and you will then get a
> circular definition.  When you say that *every* number have a successor,
> you are presupposing that you already know what *every* means.
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> Torgny Tholerus
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