Le 12-juin-09, à 09:31, Bruno Marchal a écrit :

> On 11 Jun 2009, at 21:43, Jesse Mazer wrote:
>> Ah, that makes sense--I hadn't thought of combining multiple 
>> universal quantifiers in that way, but obviously you can do so and 
>> get a meaningful statement about arithmetic that for a mathematical 
>> realist should be either true or false.
> Even for just an arithmetical realist. (All mathematicians are 
> arithmetical realist, much less are mathematical realist. I am not an 
> arithmetical realist).

Raaah... Sorry. Of course I am an arithmetical realist. I am not a 
*mathematical* realist (still less a physical realist).

With the month of June I have a lot of works to do, and I tend to do it 
simultaneously. The result is an augmentation of mistakes! I hope you 
have learned to automatically correct them. Sorry. Please, ask in case 
of remaining doubt.



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