On Jun 19, 2:44 am, Abram Demski <abramdem...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Marc,
> This looks fun! Do you plan on actually writing the paper? I
> appreciate seeing that you are attempting a unified assault on the
> problem of cognition from an abstract vantage point.

Er.. I'll test out the ideas first by implementing them.  If correct,
the results should be fairly dramatic and obvious.
> However, I am unsure about the bit concerning overcoming Godelian
> limitations. Switching to relative complexity comparisons does not
> obviously solve anything, at least to me. You will have to spell this
> out in the paper! :) Along with everything else, like your notion of
> analogy and so on.
> --abram

Well, my key idea is not relative complexity measures, but the idea
that analogical reasoning is actually more general than Bayesian
induction.  I think case-based reasoning can overcome Godel
limitations, since case-based reasoning is not trying to make
universal generalizations (which is where I think Bayes run into

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