Rex Allen skrev:
> Brent,
> So my first draft addressed many of the points you made, but it that
> email got too big and sprawling I thought.
> So I've focused on what seems to me like the key passage from your
> post.  If you think there was some other point that I should have
> addressed, let me know.
> So, key passage:
>> Do these mathematical objects "really" exist?  I'd say they have
>> logico-mathematical existence, not the same existence as tables and
>> chairs, or quarks and electrons.
> So which kind of existence do you believe is more fundamental?  Which
> is primary?  Logico-mathematical existence, or quark existence?  Or
> are they separate but equal kinds of existence?

The most general form of existence is: All mathematical possible 
universes exist.  Our universe is one of those mathematical possible 
existing universes.

The inside of a specific universe constitutes an other form of 
existence.  In a specific universe there are objects inside that 
universe.  In the Game of Life universe, you have the Glider object, the 
Glider gun object, the Exploder object, the Tumbler object, etc.  In a 
specific instance of the GoL-universe, there exist some objects and some 
objects does not exist there.

In our own universe, there exist tables and chairs and quarks and 
electrons.  This is the specific form of existence.  But the 
mathematical objects does not exist in our universe, in this form of 
existence.  You can not find the "17" object anywhere inside our universe.

Then we have the general form of existence saying that our universe 
exists because it is a mathematical possibility.

Torgny Tholerus

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