On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 8:35 PM, David Nyman<david.ny...@gmail.com> wrote
> What of course is striking
> about your proposals is that in reality nobody behaves as though they
> believe this sort of thing: which is not of course to say that this
> makes it uninteresting.

You speak as if though we have a choice as to how we behave!  This I
can't see at all.

Whether our behavior is caused subatomic particles or arithmetic, or
is completely uncaused, there is no room for libertarian free will.

> I wonder if I can encourage you to take a break from contemplating the
> block universe 'out there' and meditate on the intrinsic inwardness
> that lies all around us?

Well, I'm just using the block universe as a way of trying to make my
point more clear.

My point being that consciousness is fundamental and uncaused.

My secondary point being that even if consciousness is NOT
fundamental, then it is STILL ultimately uncaused if it results from
any system that is itself uncaused...

My tertiary point being that if we have no evidence which points one
way or the other between consciousness being fundamental or not, the
default position would seem to be that it is fundamental.

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