Bruno Marchal wrote:
> On 17 Aug 2009, at 11:11, 1Z wrote:
>> Without Platonism, there is no UD since it is not observable within
>> physical space. So the UDA is based on Plat., not the other way
>> round.
> Are you saying that without platonism, the square root of 2 does not  
> exist? Prime number does not exist? That mathematical existence is a  
> meaningless notion?
> Mathematics would be a physical illusion?
> But physics use mathematics, would that not make physics illusory or  
> circular?

I think of numbers as part of our descriptive models.  We (along with our 
invented them).  Mathematical existence is only meaningful in the sense that 
mathematical object follows from axioms.  Descriptions are not illusory if they 
something in reality.  The number 2 models pairs of things in the world, but a 
model is 
not the thing.  Pairing things by similarity or function or color is done by 
away the particularities.


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