On 17 Aug 2009, at 16:23, ronaldheld wrote:

> arxiv.org:0908.2063v1
> Any comments?

Very cute little paper.

I think the author would have found gravity waves, and thus space- 
time, by extending its approach to the Octonions (I intuit this since  
my reading of Kaufman book on knots and physics).

Of course, despite apparent mathematicalism, this is still physics,  
and the computationalist mind body problem is not addressed.

I have independent reason that such an octonionic physical theory is  
basically right, but to show this with respect to the comp hyp, it is  
nessary to derive such a theory from the "intelligible hypostases",  
that is from the correct variant of the provability logic. I can come  
back on this when more is said on the "intelligible hypostases").



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