On 18 Aug, 02:47, David Nyman <david.ny...@gmail.com> wrote:
> 2009/8/18 Jesse Mazer wrote:

> AFAICS the assumption of primary matter 'solves' the white rabbit
> problem by making it circular: i.e. assuming that primary matter
> exists entails restricting the theory to just those mathematics and
> parameters capable of predicting what is observed; since white rabbits
> are not in fact observed, it follows that no successful mathematics of
> primary matter has any business predicting them.
> This is not to say that such circularity is necessarily vicious; its
> proponents no doubt see it as virtuously parsimonious.  Nonetheless,
> one of the chief arguments for the pluralistic alternatives is that -
> by not applying a priori mathematical or parametric restrictions -
> they may thereby be less arbitrary.  This of course leaves them with
> the problem of the white rabbits to solve by other means.
> David
Yes. It pretty well comes to a trade-off between cotingency and saving
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