On 18 Aug 2009, at 19:36, Brent Meeker wrote:

>> QM mechanics solves mathematically the white rabbit problem. I do
>> agree with this, but to say it does this by invoking primitive matter
>> does not follow. On the contrary QM amplitude makes primitive matter
>> still more hard to figure out. Primitive matter is, up to now, a
>> metaphysical notion. Darwinian evolution can justify why we take
>> seriously the consistency of our neighborhood, and why we extrapolate
>> that consistency, but physicists does not, in their theories, ever
>> postulate *primitive* matter.
> Not explicitly, but physicists generally accept that some things  
> happen and others don't;
> not only in QM but in symmetry breaking.

Number theorist too. And computer scientist too.

Some people tend to confuse Babel library and the UD. Not all  
histories are generated by the UD. There are things which happen and  
things which never happen. UD* is a highly structured, and even more  
so when "seen from inside".



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