On 19 Aug 2009, at 22:21, Flammarion wrote:
> Where he says computation can happen without any physicial process at
> all. I don't see any evidence for that

I am explaining this right now.

> Only Bruno thinks computation trancends matter.

The notion of computation and computability have been discovered by  
Mathematicians working around the foundation crisis of math after the  
discovery by Cantor and others of paradoxes in set theory.

The idea is that computation should be redefined as physical  
computation is a very recent one, and is due to people like David  
Deustch and Landauer. And it does not really work as such. Deutsch  
"reconstruction" of the Post-Church-Turing thesis is really a  
different thesis.

> CTM *implies* materialism, and the MGA doesn't work.

CTM is neutral on materialism, even if many materialist use  
incorrectly comp to put the mind body problem under the rug. UDA,  
including MGA, shows why this fails.

What is in MGA which does not work?



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