On 26 Aug, 01:00, David Nyman <david.ny...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Just so. To recapitulate the (approximate) history of this part of the
> discussion, Peter and I had been delving into the question - posed by
> him - of whether a complete scan of a brain at the subatomic level
> could in principle capture all the available 'information'.  So my
> rider about brain-mind correlation was in the context of that specific
> question posed in that specific way.
> As to your more general musings John, I suppose the line I've been
> pursuing is questioning the applicability of the soi-disant 'view from
> nowhere' - i.e. the notion of 'information' as being comprehensible in
> any totally extrinsic, abstracted, uninterpreted sense.  Because we
> can't help being fish, we can't help but swim in our interpretations.
> And we can only guess what oceans alien fish may swim in.

That is really rather tangential to the original claim. The original
claim was that all the information in subjective awareness is also
in the phsycial brain.

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