On 28 Aug, 02:20, Brent Meeker <meeke...@dslextreme.com> wrote:

> > the door is opened to some grander metaphysical speculation
> > concerning the nature of the world. For example, it is often noted
> > that physics characterizes its basic entities only extrinsically, in
> > terms of their relations to other entities, which are themselves
> > characterized extrinsically, and so on. The intrinsic nature of
> > physical entities is left aside. Some argue that no such intrinsic
> > properties exist, but then one is left with a world that is pure
> > causal flux (a pure flow of information) with no properties for the
> > causation to relate.
> ?? Is momentum an intrinsic orextrinsicproperty of an electron?

Yes, very much extrinisic since it is actually momentum relative to
something else

> about spin?

Yes, again it has to be measured against  a magnetic field.

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