Rex Allen wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 12:37 AM, Brent Meeker<> wrote:
>> Rex Allen wrote:
>>> In this case, I am not responsible (common usage) for the fortune or
>>> misfortune that has befallen those who I have stumbled into as a
>>> result of the universe's constant pushiness.
>>> I AM responsible if we use Dennett's non-standard definition of
>>> "responsible", however.
>> No you are not, because none of the above hypothetical events were
>> caused by who you are, your brains and experience and values.  There
>> would be no point in rewarding or punishing you for those actions
>> because they are not instances of *your* behavior - unless you try to
>> make yourself very big.
> So if you want to redefine responsibility in terms of the utilitarian
> applicability of positive and negative reinforcement with the goal of
> producing socially optimal behavior, that's fine with me.  
"Redefine"?  You haven't defined it at all - you just assert examples 
and assert that they are common usage.  I think my definition 
corresponds very well with common usage.

> But that's
> not the common usage.  And I think it would be better to abandon the
> term "responsibility" and go with something less entangled with
> antediluvian notions of libertarian free will...which is basically
> consistent with the common usage.
> And again, my question stands with respect to why you introduced that
> quote into this thread.

It seemed apropos of your view that determinism eliminates the self.


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