Hello John,

On 01 Sep 2009, at 23:49, John Mikes wrote:

> I am waiting for your explanatory post(s) and anxiously read some  
> several thousand pages with related topics.

I am very pleased to hear this.

> Unfortunately the technical examples and discussing  their solutions  
> are not much help.
> I cannot extract the now-and-then interlaced text-explanations, even  
> if I find them, they relate to the technical discussions, not a  
> simple understanding.

To be honest, I have a similar problem.

> Is there a way to catch your theory in a concise, understandable,  
> readable TEXT ?

I will try to build a text from the conversation on the list. May be  
this will converge to a book.  In the meantime, I will perhaps make  
some summary of what we have seen so far. Please intervene if things  
are unclear. Do you have a problem with the notion of bijection?
I can go slowly, there is no rush. I was hoping to be slow down by  
more question from the "non-mathematicians", but I think thy are a bit  
to shy.
If you want to play the role of some candid questioner, you are  
welcome. Anyone?

> You work a lot on this topic, it is a shame if interested lurkers  
> don't get it.

Thank for saying this.

Note that the next five days I have the september exams, so I will be  
a bit more busy than usual. I still hope I can make the "antic math"  
during that period. Please feel free to ask any question.

Have a good day,



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