On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 3:59 AM, Flammarion<peterdjo...@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Dennett's main goal is not to show that determinism is compatible with
>> free will (which it isn't),
> actually it is, although I don't find it very convincing

Asking whether free will is compatible with determinism is like asking
whether unicorns are compatible with zebras.

Dennett says "Yes, unicorns ARE compatible with zebras."  But by
"unicorns" he really means regular horses with fake horns strapped to
their foreheads.

So, everything that Dennett says is true...from a certain point of
view.  All you have to do is accept his alternate set of definitions.

Though, again, one has to wonder what Dennett's goal is in providing
non-traditional definitions for very traditional words like
"responsibility", "altruism", "morals", and "free will".  To me it
looks like social engineering.

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