Hi Ronald,

You may ask Günther Greindl, who asked me references for the UDA and  
AUDA, and he put them on the list archive.


You can take a look on the references in my  theses.

An excellent introduction to mathematical logic is the book by Eliot  
Mendelson. Classical treatises on the self-reference logic are the  
book by Boolos 1979 (recently reedited), or the later version: Boolos  
1993. The book by Smorynski is very good too, but those books  
presuppose knowledge of logic (Like explained in Mendelson).

Then all books, technical or recreative by Raymond Smullyan, are  
introduction to diagonalization, self-reference, Gödel and Tarski  
theorem, and they are quite excellent. Notably his little recreative  
(but not so easy apparently) introduction to the modal G system;  
"Forever Undecided".

Ask if you have a problem to find them, or if you search for other  
books. Logicians like to write book, and there are many of them.  
Original papers on the UDA and AUDA can be found on my web pages 


On 10 Sep 2009, at 21:48, ronaldheld wrote:

> I thought that I would start a thread to consolidate some of the books
> useful in following current and old threads. if people alos want to
> post key papers here, I do not see a problem with that.
> >

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