As have Russel wrote .. mbox is a type of file with certain structure 
for storing emails.

1. step
open your email client, create a new folder, eg. FOR-MIREK, *copy* to 
this folder desired emails

2. step
a\ Thunderbird (Mozilla)
    Dive into the depths of your hard drive, find where Thunderbird and 
its data are installed, and there will be two files: FOR-MIREK and 

b\ MS Outlook (and similar software)
    Somewhere in the menu there should be an option to save/export 
emails in a given folder. While exporting, mbox file format is the 
preferred outcome, but in principle I can deal with other formats too.

3. step
Send an email and attach the file FOR-MIREK.


m.a. wrote:
> Mirek,
>             What's an MBOX and how do you send it?
>         marty a.
>> Hi everybody,
>> I had a hard disk failure recently and lost my archived emails
>> approximately from May 2009 up to now (few months). Could somebody who
>> is keeping all the emails from this mailing group send me an exported
>> mbox or something similar?
>> Thanks a lot!
>> mirek

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