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> And when pressed as to exactly how the Heisenberg compensators  
> worked, the spokesman replied, "Very well, thank you."


That's the problem. Star strek teleportation has been invented well  
before Bennett & Al. discovered quantum teleportation, and a priori,  
from the vague description of how teleportation works in Star Strek,  
we can say nothing, except that it looks like classical teleportation.  
Actually the Heisenberg compensators, if they compensate really the  
Heisenberg uncertainties, would make such machine impossible: you just  
cannot compensate the Heisenberg uncertainties, unless those  
compensators send the classical bits needed to effectuate a quantum  
teleportation, and this would explain, retrospectively, why in star  
strek those devices always (?) annihilate the "original"... and why  
Star Strek did not exploit the self-duplication and self- 
indeterminacy, unlike the movie "the prestige" for example.

This is not relevant for comp, note, because the "global" comp  
indeterminacy bears on the states generated by the UD, and if quantum  
cloning is impossible, the multiple preparation of similar states is  
quantum possible and effectively done by the Universal Dovetailer. You  
current quantum state is provably generated by the UD, an infinite  
number of times, at all level of substitution. Remember that quantum  
mechanics is Turing emulable. By quantum linearity, slight errors does  
not grow up, so that, in a sense, quantum mechanics is more easy to  
emulate than classical physics where chaos can make some need of  
infinite precision. Some classical analog machine will be not Turing  
emulable. Brains are well described by classical analog machines, but  
then to make it stable and robust, have a big redundancy to  
*compensate* sub-level discrepancies, making us most plausibly Turing  
emulable. If not, just smoking a cigarette would destroy our identity.


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> > Bruno and others, here is how a Star Trek transporter work(taken  
> from
> > Memory Alpha):
> >
> > A typical transport sequence began with a coordinate lock, during
> > which the destination was verified and programmed, via the targeting
> > scanners. Obtaining or maintaining a transporter lock enables the
> > transporter operator to know the subject's location, even in motion,
> > allowing the beaming process to start more quickly. This is an
> > essential safety precaution when a starship away team enters a
> > potentially dangerous situation that would require an emergency  
> beam-
> > out.
> >
> > A transporter lock is usually maintained by tracing the homing  
> signal
> > of a communicator or combadge. When there is a risk that such  
> devices
> > would be lost in the field or are otherwise unavailable, personnel  
> may
> > be implanted with a subcutaneous transponder before an away  
> mission to
> > still provide a means to maintain a transporter lock. Alternatively,
> > sensors may be used to scan for the biosign or energy signature of a
> > subject, which can then be fed into the transporter's targeting
> > scanner for a lock.
> >
> > Next, the lifeform or object to be beamed was scanned on the quantum
> > level using a molecular imaging scanner. At this point, Heisenberg
> > compensators take into account the position and direction of all
> > subatomic particles composing the object or individual and create a
> > map of the physical structure being disassembled amounting to  
> billions
> > of kiloquads of data.
> >
> > Simultaneously, the object is broken down into a stream of subatomic
> > particles, also called the matter stream. The matter stream is  
> briefly
> > stored in a pattern buffer while the system compensates for Doppler
> > shift to the destination.
> >
> > The matter stream is then transmitted to its destination via a
> > subspace frequency. As with any type of transmission of energy or
> > radiation, scattering and degradation of the signal must be  
> monitored
> > closely. The annular confinement beam (ACB) acts to maintain the
> > integrity of the information contained in the beam. Finally, the
> > initial process is reversed and the object or individual is
> > reassembled at the destination.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >


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