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> Bruno Marchal wrote:
>> On 21 Sep 2009, at 23:48, m.a. wrote:
>>> *And when pressed as to exactly how the Heisenberg compensators
>>> worked, the spokesman replied, "Very well, thank you."*
>> :)
>> Actually the Heisenberg compensators, if they compensate really the
>> Heisenberg uncertainties, would make such machine impossible: you
>> just
>> cannot compensate the Heisenberg uncertainties, unless those
>> compensators send the classical bits needed to effectuate a quantum
>> teleportation, and this would explain, retrospectively, why in star
>> strek those devices always (?) annihilate the "original"... and why
>> Star Strek did not exploit the self-duplication and

I thought more devoted "Trekkies" than I would have pointed out by now that 
Star Trek did indeed exploit self-duplication. There were several episodes 
in which transmission problems produced two Kirks or two Spocks. There were 
other episodes in which people going through the transporter were changed in 
subtle, overt or sinister ways.        m.a.

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