2009/10/5 John Mikes <jami...@gmail.com>:
> Excellent points, Stathis.
> What I would add (maybe as my Ciceronian "Ceterum censeo") is the lack of a
> knowable POV of P3: 'we' can only realize OUR version of understanding about
> it.

This is true, but there is a distinction between the private and the
public. What I am able to observe, record and share about you has a
lot in common with what billions of other people could observe, record
and share about you, given the opportunity, even if there are
individual differences. But what you experience yourself is - somehow
- qualitatively different.

> The POV S1 = S2 is true only at the instantiation, because affter that both
> are under non-identical influences of their particulat environments and so
> evolve differently.

I think it is assumed for the purpose of the experiment that the
relevant environments are controlled so that the two instantiations
remain close enough that S1=S2 at all times. Of course, in practice if
you made an exact copy of yourself and released it into the
environment within fractions of a second it will start to
differentiate from you.

> I also wonder about the "physical" in the clones' identity: we are not
> 'physical' at all, the figment of the materialist evaluation of our
> 'personhood' or 'self' is not substitutable for what we really are (anybody
> knows the answer to that?) - but SOME mentality I am magnanimous enought to
> add to all of us. Unless, of course, someone includes such into the
> "physical".
> (What some neurologists seem willing to do on the basis that we know about
> some physical-physiological treatment applied to mental domains done by the
> brain-tissue tool and wash away the rest (unknown?) into a "somehow").

We start off assuming a physicalist comp (for want of a better term)
where the mental supervenes on the physical, which is what Bruno is
getting at (as a first step) when he asks if you will say "yes" to the
doctor if offered a new digital brain. But then, following this
assumption to its conclusion, it turns out that physicalist comp is
quite difficult to maintain.

Stathis Papaioannou

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