Computer scientist Chris Thornton (
christ/) has written a little known paper claiming that analogical
inference can be thought of as 'generalized induction':

'Analogy as Generalised Induction'

"The paper has shown that (1) for any given description language there
will be
classes which can only be captured using hierarchical structures of
and (2) that capturing such classes using empirical inductive
inference will
involve constructing predicate-tree structures. This strategy appears
to be a
special case of the *tree-completing* process which underlies the
mapping model of analogy. The implication is that it may be possible
to view
analogical inference as generalised inductive inference."

Another good more recent paper by Thorton sealed the link between
analogical inference and scientific creativity:

'Analogy as Exploration'

'...analogical  functionality can
emerge as a natural result of conceptual-space exploration.'


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