>If I'm not already embedded in the multiverse then I could be anyone,
>and I am therefore more likely to be someone from a high probability
>group or era. So I am more likely to be a modern human than an early
>human, for example, because there are more modern humans. I think
>that's what Russell means by the ASSA being aplicable in birth order.
>This is a tricky concept to get your mind around and leads to
>semi-weirdness such as the Doomsday Argument. But that I'll experience
>Thursday before Friday even if there are lots of me on Friday is, I
>think, relatively straightforward.

Also if QTI is true then my birth OM could be just the consistence
extension of the consciousness of someone who has died.  QTI implies
we always have a next observer moment.  Somehow this begs the question
as to whether consiousness is conserved somehow. Hence there never was
an (initial) original birth OM for me just like there will be no cul
de sac one.


Nick Prince

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