I would say the concept of OM moments is, if taken as more then as a fuzzy
pointer to some "now", is an oversimplification (or an overcomplexification,
depends on your viewpoint), so there is no absolute meaning to ASSA/RSSA.

Maybe there is only one observer moment ("eternal life of god", "I AM") and
in this moment sub-OM appear. For example "I AM THAT 'I AM' " which might be
the realization that you are "all persons" or "god" or "one" or "all
moments"; maybe keeping it in mind is what some people would call
"enlightenment"? This moment of realization can apparently "contain" a
number of other moments, too, that seem deeply and mystically connected. I
just had it for a few seconds, but in this seconds there was no divide
between this and the next moment, I "flowed" in that clear and blissful
moment. I didn't feel like I was someone having to do (or being able to do)
something, but rather I felt like being "the eternal watcher". It's a
beautiful feeling - you somehow become detached from time and feel like
being still, yet still witness time. 

Maybe this applies to other self-indentifications like "I am the one at
home", "I am the one at work", "I am the one born at ..." (even though less
clearly in my own perception). They are moments by themselves, but contain
other moments, too. It's like when you stare at a monitor with changing
content. The moment that contains the information about the appearance of
the monitor stays, but the moment of what happens on the monitor changes.

You can't divide life into pieces, it is an continuum of overlapping
sensations. There is a pattern of remembering old moments and experiencing
new moments embedded in the "I AM" moment that gives the impression of a
flowing string of events (many short, but strongly similiar moments that
have an apparent "evolutionary" direction)  happening to some person (a
relatively stable moment) - (maybe appearing to sort of a over-person or god
or "I AM" that is even more stable?).

I think this can resolve the problem of personal identity, because "your
identity" is just an especially stable moment, that can relate many
sub-moments to itself and thus becomes especially self-aware (or maybe aware
of its own eternal nature?).
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