2010/1/15 Nick Prince <m...@dtech.fsnet.co.uk>:

> 1. Do you think dementia a cul de sac branch then (MWI or single
> world?

There are branches where your mind gradually fades away to nothing.
However, there are other branches where you start dementing then
recover, as well as branches where you don't dement at all. It's the
probability of being stuck in a branch where you incrementally dement
but never actually reach total mindlessness that you have to worry

> 2 Why is there any distinction between the RSSA and the ASSA. Can we
> just not say that the RSSA is the (apparent) consequences of some non
> uniform distribution over OM's accessed under the ASSA?
> 3 Do you think this non uniform distribution is due to the laws of
> phyisics or is physics the consequence of the distribution?

The distribution of OM's is not required to be uniform under either
the ASSA or the RSSA. The RSSA says that given you already exist, your
successor OM will be sampled from a subset of OM's which have your
present OM in their immediate subjective past. The distribution of
OM's is due to the nature of whatever process gives rise to them,
whether that is a single human brain in a single world cosmology, an
ensemble of brains following the laws governing the multiverse, or the
UD running in Platonia.

Stathis Papaioannou
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