Dear Brent,

is it your 'conscious' position to look at things in an anthropocentric
If you substitute consistently 'animal' for 'pet', you can include the human
animal as well. In that case your
#1: would you consider 'distress' a disturbed mental state only, or include
organisational 'distress' as well - causing what we may call: 'death'? In
the first case you can circumvent the distress by putting the animal to
sleep before killing, causing THEN the 2nd case.

#2: I never talked to a shrimp in shrimpese so I don't know what ens
'pleasurable' to it.

#3 speaking about AL (human included) we include circumstances we already
discovered and there is no assurance that we 'create' LIFE (what is it?) as
it really  - IS - <G>. So turning on/off a contraption we call 'animal'
(artificial pet?) is not what we are talking about.

#4: I consider 'ethical' an anthropocentric culture-related majority (?)
opinion in many cases hypocritical and pretentious. Occasionally it can be a
power-forced minority opinion as well.
I feel the *alleged *Chinese moral behind your remark: if you save a life
you are responsible for the person (I don't know if it is true?).

I try to take a more general stance and not restrict terms even to 'live(?)'
Is a universal mchine 'live'?

Have fun in science

John M

On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 2:08 AM, Brent Meeker <>wrote:

> silky wrote:
>> (truncated)
> BM:

> I think the differences are
> 1) we generally cannot kill an animal without causing it some distress 2)
> as long as it is alive it has a capacity for pleasure (that's why we
> euthanize pets when we think they can no longer enjoy any part of life) 3)
> if we could create an artificial pet (and Sony did) we can turn it off and
> turn it back on.
> 4) if a pet, artificial or otherwise, has capacity for pleasure and
> suffering we do have an ethical responsibility toward it.
> Brent
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