On Jan 16, 1:06 am, Rex Allen <rexallen...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Evolution doesn't count as an answer since it has to be cashed
> out in terms of some more fundamental theory, right?
> To answer "evolution" is dodging the question.

I think evolution is the primary driver of everything, as evolution
could be applied to non living as well as the living. It is basically
that which survives in time, adapting to physical laws. It could
apply to all forms of matter, those forms of matter too unstable
or incapable of lasting long enough to be detected, are not here.
What is left are a hodge podge of particles that survive. The physical
laws themselves within this particular universe may be the result
of a process of evolution in the relative association of quanta.

Relative association of quanta, creates time, creates space, creates
physical laws, creates forces, creates conciousness, creates pain,
creates pleasure, creates it all, level upon level upon level,
dimension upon dimension upon dimension. Pain is real to
a concious being, yet if you break it down completely, it is only
a relative assocation of quanta.

My evolved belief is that, since I know at least one possibility of
a (very complex) association of quanta exists, then nothing prevents
all possible associations of quanta from existing. So all possible
associations of quanta must exist. And since time is just an artifact
of an association between sets of quanta, none of these possible
sets goes away, the universe, or multiverse, however you want
to call it, just exists, with no beginning and no end, and what
creates the "observer moments" within is just the relative
between sets of quanta. There is no observer moment without an
interval of time, created by a string of similar sets of quanta.

Of course this means there are any number of possible subsequent
sets of quanta that follow from this very instant, when you look at
any possible set of quanta in relation to another, thus the

It'll be that or something quite like it, my bet.  :-)

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